Piscada BAS

Piscada BAS is a unique system for cloud based building automation

Open Aquaculture Platform

Piscada Open Aquaculture Platform is an open an scalable platform for aquaculture

Piscada PMP

Piscada PMP is a powerful cloud based solution for automation and industrial IT

Full-Stack Industrial platform

Cloud Services

  • Fully featured industrial cloud providing secure remote control of facilities.
    Historian data stored in powerful and scalable Big Data database.

Process Control

  • Industrial drives like OPC- UA, Modbus, MBUS, Bacnet, Piscada Process Logic Builder.


  • Flexible web HTML5 Client. provides full engineering tool packet and enhanced SCADA functionalities.

Business Intelligence

  • Business Intelligence by Python services or Spark and Tensorflow Machine learning.

Open APIs

  • Open and secure APIs are provided for all facility data.

SEABASED Aquaculture

Piscada Open Aquaculture Platform is built on a modern process platform. This enables access to systems and data from barges, boats and other sea installations.

LANDBASED Aquaculture

Piscada Open Aquaculture Platform can be used for process control of buildings, flowthrough and RAS. This enables monitoring, control, alarms and analytics wherever you are.


Piscada BAS is a unique system for cloud based building automation. Piscada platform is built with a dynamic architecture based on open communication protocols and interfaces.

Process Control

Piscada PMP is an open process control system for cloud based process automation and industrial IT.

Aquaculture installations
Building installations
Water system installations