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Piscada platform

Piscada platform is a modern service based platform for automation and industrial IT. The platform provides a full-stack solution containing process control, SCADA and industrial cloud services.  The platform also includes ready to use solutions for IIoT, Big Data storage, Business Analytics and support for advanced algorithms and Machine learning.


Piscadas architecture is based on leading, modern and open technologies for Big Data storage and analytics.

The solution is  scalable and can handle thousands of systems without compromising performance or functionality. Furthermore, the solution is to ensure the lowest possible cost for advanced use of cloud services.

Piscada has developed a unique security solution where facilities automatically establish a double-encrypted channel for the cloud solution. This means that there is no need to open incoming ports in firewalls and use VPN.

Web based user interface

Highly flexible web-based user interface for local, cloud and mobile. Can be customized and changed without need for updates.  Same user interface regardless of subsystem or equipment. IOS and android Apps.

Role and user management

Role management and differentiated access control controls access to one or a group of facilities. Can integrate with federation services like AD.

Global scaling

Piscada cloud is built for scaling. The solution is built around scalable micro services running in data centers like the Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure or Amazon.

Analysis and benchmarking (Business intelligence)

Piscada has its own tools for analysis and benchmarking. Dashboards and algorithms can easily be configured for batch or real-time analysis.

Advanced analyzes and machine learning (AI)

Piscada has a Machine Learning Framework with support for SPARK, TensorFlow and Python. These technologies are market-leading tools for machine learning and is part of Piscada cloud.

Integrations and API

Based on open standards. Integration and data exchange with the cloud solution is done via REST API. This is a modern and IT-friendly API where data can easily and securely be exchanged between systems.


Piscada Platform is a generic platform used in different industries.


Piscada Platform contains fully featured SCADA solution. Alarm system, trends and user management are all powerful features in the SCADA solution.

SCADA engineering

Piscada platform provides fast and easy engineering of process-views, alarm setup, user management and other SCADA setup.  

business intelligence

Piscada Platform provides advanced business intelligence tools. Dashboards and tools for post processing algorithms are provided right out of the box.

Mobile applications

Piscada Platform provides industrial mobile applications. Mobile applications can easily be adapted to any industry. Piscada mobile app can be downloaded from Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore.   


Piscada Platform contains a wide range of features for streaming, camera control and video recording. Piscada supports all cameras providing H.264, H.265 and MPEG-4. 

Program builder

Piscada Platform program builder is a tools for building process logic. It can replace the need for PLC, or provide additional process logic to an existing PLC setup.