Cloud based building automation

Piscada BAS

Piscada BAS is a unique system for cloud based building automation. The Piscada platform is based on a flexible architecture supporting open communication protocols and interfaces. This grants the customer an open system that prevents vendor lock-in. Protocols like Bacnet, ModbusTCP, ModbusRTU, M-Bus, FINS UDP and OPC UA are all supported in Piscada BAS.

Key features:

  • Complete BAS library
  • EOS
  • Powerful trending
  • Journal and note system
  • Support for a wide range of hardware vendors and protocols
  • Powerful alarm system
  • Fast engineering through the cloud
  • Easy setup of mobile applications (BAS process views)
  • Alarming by push messaging, email and SMS

Flexible user interface

Piscadas user interface is modern, intuitive and easy to use. The platform uses HTML5 and vector graphics to ensure fast and sharp process views on all platforms and devices.

Piscada contains functions for joint construction of high quality process views and standardization of design. Piscada reduces the engineering effort with its design and contains template features that allows configuration and setup of different devices quickly through pre-built and standardized templates. Templates and objects can be copied or used as references to process images on various platforms and devices.

In Piscada BAS there is no need for custom designer software to build process images. The solution has integrated tools for building and editing of process images. New images – or changes to existing process images – are done directly or via Piscada Cloud. Changes will be published without compilation or deployment. Process images are processed quickly and easily in Piscada.



  • Hardware and vendor independent
  • Gives everyone the opportunity to use advanced building management
  • Simple and fast engineering, customized function blocks for BAS
  • Easy to get engineering assistance for the complex tasks
  • High performance from small systems with few I/O to large systems

Piscada BAS

Piscada BAS is a fully featured BAS solution. Alarm system, trends and user management are all powerful features in the Piscada BAS solution.

BAS engineering

Piscada BAS provides fast and easy engineering of process views, alarm setup and user management.  

business intelligence

Piscada BAS provides dashboards and tools for post processing algorithms are provided right out of the box.

Mobile applications

Piscada BAS provides BAS mobile applications. Mobile applications can easily be adapted to any building. The Piscada mobile app can be downloaded from Apple App Store or Google Play.   


Piscada BAS contains a wide range of features for streaming, camera control and video recording. Piscada supports all cameras providing H.264, H.265 and MPEG-4. 

Program builder

Piscada BAS program builder is a tools for building process logic. It can replace the need for PLC, or provide additional process logic to an existing PLC setup.