Open aquaculture platform

Operation and Growth Centers

Remote feeding, camera, winch, barge system from different vendors.

Barge Control

Hatch control, generator surveillance, pumps, ensilage, lights, tanks, water penetration.

Land based

Land based flow through and RAS.


Service and Well boats, engine monitoring, fuel use, positioning, thrusters, pumps.

Open aquaculture platform

Piscada Open Aquaculture Platform is a unique modern cloud based software platform. The Piscada platform is based on a flexible architecture supporting common industrial communication protocols and interfaces. This grants customers a flexible system that do not lock the customer into proprietary systems. Covers functionality from PLCs, machine communication and physical equipment to cloud services. Supports feeding systems like AKVA Connect, AKVA Control, Ocea Feedstation, Fluctus, Steinsvik Feedstation, camera systems from AKVA, Steinsvik and Panoptes and a great number of protocols and services like OPC UA, MQTT, MODBUS and M-BUS.
Data is stored in a big-data database that supports huge simultaneous data connections, and advanced analysis with our machine learning framework.
Key features:

  • Hardware and vendor independent
  • Uniform data collection from all processes enabling digitalization
  • Simple and fast engineering and setup
  • Supporting open industry standards
  • High performance from a single site to an entire organisation
  • Access camera streams, perform camera operations and track movement
  • First system to combine camera and feeding from multiple vendors in a single interface
  • Integrates with image analysis tools – pellet, lice, biomass, behavior, health
  • Can be used throughout your entire value chain, with boats, barges, land facilities and more
  • Real-time data and historical data analytics
  • Integration with production systems like Mercatus, Fishtalk, Infront-X and EGI
  • Extra value with technology transfer from other related industries in Piscada platform

sea based

Operation senter

  • Unlimited amount of feeding systems and facilities
  • Silo control and estimates
  • Generator and energy control
  • Water ingress and pump control
  • Volume control, water, fuel, ensilage
  • Advanced alarm handling

camera control and feeding

  • Vendor independent camera and winch control
  • Vendor independent feed control
  • Vendor independent environment sensors
  • Storage of feeding data and camera operations to data lake
  • Realtime analytics and benchmark of feeding operations

land based

RAs - WTA Section

  • Complete monitoring of all processes related to RAS and flow through sites
  • Energy monitoring and optimization
  • Manage entire building with Piscada building automation system
  • User friendly design - adjustable to users / roles
  • Easy to establish alarm settings and surveillance for critical process
  • Platform designed for advanced analysis and big data

RAs - tank section

Full system integration.
Easy to extend and include additional sensors and other data sources 

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