about piscada

Piscada is a company that develops software for process control, process analytics and industrial IT. Piscada software offers a scalable full-stack solution for automation, analytics and industrial IT.

Piscada started as a project under the direction of SINTEF in 2007, with several Norwegian industrial companies as sponsors. The purpose of the project was to perform a feasibility study of a modular IT platform for management, monitoring, visualization and reporting in aquaculture. In 2009, Piscada AS was established through the commercialization of the result.

We provide open, vendor independent solutions and have build our services and cloud on open protocols and open source software. Our focus is to simplify industrial IT systems and build bridge between operational technology and IT.

Piscadas core competence is industrial process systems, software development and cybernetics. In addition we have considerable experience with aquaculture, building systems and automation.

A brief screen shot of our history: