Piscada Platform




New open integrated platform

Piscada platform is an open integrated solution for automation and industrial IT based on new technology for automation and industrial IT. With Piscada, monitoring, control and analysis of industrial processes are made easier and more efficient than before. Piscada can be used in all industries where they need management, monitoring and analysis.

Complete solution for automation and industrial IT is quickly set up with a simple installation via network or downloaded installer. Piscada contains:

  • Piscada Desktop Client for Linux, Windows 7, 8 and 10
  • Node Web server with HTML5 interface
  • Piscada Distributed Controller
  • Piscada History Server
  • Piscada Cloud Connect

Piscada is used in the following industries:

A brand new user interface based on HTML5

Piscada’s new user interface is modern, intuitive and easy to use. The platform uses HTML5 and vector graphics to ensure fast and sharp process images on all platforms and devices. Integrated designer builds common images for desktop, web and mobile.

Piscada’s new template feature allows building process images to various devices quickly through pre-built and standardized templates that can then be quickly created and reused. Templates and grouped objects can be copied or used as references to process images on various platforms and devices.

In Piscada BAS there is no need for custom designer software to build process images. It’s integrated tools for building and editing process images. New pictures – or changes to process pictures – are directly or via Piscada Cloud versus Piscada Controller. Changes will be published without compilation or deployment. Process images are processed quickly and easily in Piscada.


Integrated tool for process management

Simple and complex controls can be built quickly and efficiently via Piscada application builders. Piscadas Integrated Controller can replace PLS and sub-stations where appropriate. The advantage of Piscada Controller is that controls can be built or generated quickly without the need for specific PLS skills. The controls can be built or modified from any Piscada installation without conventional compilation and download.

Mobile Applications

Process management on mobile can be done with Android, IOS and Windows Phone with Piscada. Ready-made templates for mobile and tablet layouts make it easy and quick to build images that are customizable to mobile platforms. Auto scaling ensures sharp and maximum images. Alarm management and push messages can be configured via
Piscada Cloud.


Features of Piscada Platform

• Alarms
• Events
• History
• Reports
• Report editor
• Trending
• SMS notifications
• Email notifications
• MultiClient
• MultiUser
• User and Role Management
• Multi-screen, up to 9 pcs
• Camera control, up to 50 currents
• Joystick for camera and winch control
• Integrated system monitoring
• Calendar
• Predefined Sub-Applications
• GUI templates
• Object search
• Video recording
• Maintainance system
• Documentation system
• Serial drivers
• BACnet
• Modbus TCP
• Easy backup and restore
• Support for third-party plugins
• SQL-database
• GUI elements with animations
• SDK for development of function blocks
• SDK for driver development
• SDK for developing user interface elements