Piscada Cloud

Piscada Cloud is a modern and innovative cloud-based software for operation, surveillance, and analytics in relation to technical installations in buildings. Piscada Cloud is based on Piscada BAS (Building Automation System).
Piscada Cloud uses cloud services from Google and is available via web and/or mobile applications.
The main system component is a local node that is placed in the building. The local node handles all needed functions. The local node will automatically connect to Piscada Cloud.
Communication between the local node and the Cloud is secured and encrypted.
Piscada Cloud is constructed to handle big-data and the system includes functions for analytics and machine learning. The system will log and display data in user-friendly trend curves.

Key functions:

Mobile Applications: Support for applications via Google Play or App store.
UR and calendar: Support for BACnet timers and executive calendars.

Log: Powerful real-time log

Graphics: Scalable vector graphics (SVG) and latest WEB standard with HTML5 support. Standard graphics library with modern and functional graphics for fast and easy system overview.

Alarming: Alarming via BACnet or Piscada BAS. Flexible alarm text and alarm priority.

Standard drivers: BACnet IP, Modbus TCP/IP, and RTU.

Big Data: Cloud with no SQL database. Data is labeled with «keywords» which makes it possible to perform data analytics.

Database Cloud: Apache Cassandra

Database local node: SQLite

Safety: High-security level (TLS/HTTPS). Remote access via mobile apps and/or web.  2-step authentication, username, password, and SMS-code.

API: Piscada Cloud support REST-API for read and write of data.

Access: Easy login via mobile app og system portal via Piscada Cloud

Minimum specification for hardware (local node):

Operating system: win server, win10, win embedded, win10 IoT, Linux

Harddrive: recommended 40 GB

Memory: recommended 4 GB

Processor: Intel Atom, minimum twin core

Network: Internet access