Piscada BAS


Piscada BAS is a unique system for building automation.

Piscada BAS is a flexible solution for building. The system’s dynamic architecture is based on open communication protocols and interfaces that do not lock the customer into proprietary systems. Bacnet, ModbusTCP, ModbusRTU, M-Bus, FINS UDP and OPC UA are all supported in Piscada BAS.

Piscada BAS is built on Piscada’s new generic industrial platform used in aquaculture, water purification, on ships and in solutions for welfare technology.

An open system can be integrated with all standard open systems.

• Hardware and supplier independent
• Unlimited number of users
• Advanced building management is made available to small and large players
• Simple engineering, customized function blocks for BAS
• Easy to get engineering assistance for the complex tasks
• Competitive price: Adapted from small systems with few I / O to large systems


A brand new user interface based on HTML5

Piscada’s new user interface is modern, intuitive and easy to use. The platform uses HTML5 and vector graphics to ensure fast and sharp process images on all platforms and devices. Integrated designer builds common images for desktop, web and mobile.

Piscada’s new template feature allows building process images to various devices quickly through pre-built and standardized templates that can then be quickly created and reused. Templates and grouped objects can be copied or used as references to process images on various platforms and devices.

In Piscada BAS there is no need for custom designer software to build process images. The solution has integrated tools for building and editing of process images. New images – or changes to existing process images – are done directly or via Piscada Cloud. Changes will be published without compilation or deployment. Process images are processed quickly and easily in Piscada.

Piscada BAS – A solution for all platforms

Piscada BAS is easily installed on any PC with Windows or Linux operating system. Immediately after installation, the system can be accessed via desktop client, web or mobile.

Piscada contain functions for joint construction of high quality process views and standardization of design. Features and components such as alarm handling, plot, clock and compensation curve are fully featured on the various platforms via a common setup.



Open and forward-looking solution

Piscada BAS is an open, flexible and hardware-independent solution for building automation and energy monitoring.

Piscada BAS is designed to quickly adapt to customers’ different needs. The system has an integrated SQL database and a framework that focuses on industrial IT. IT modules like camera, camcorder and maps are available in Piscada BAS.

Piscada BAS is easy and quick to install. Everything is included in an installation package containing Piscada Controller, Piscada Historian, Piscada Desktop Client and Node Web Server. Piscada BAS can run on all Microsoft OS and Linux. New integrated application builder enables HMI to be built, set up users, roles, alarms and other system configuration without separate tools. All engineering is done in real time – without compilation and deployment. This is time-saving, and simplifies the design and daily operation of the installations.

  • HVAC
  • EOS modules
  • Compensation curve and clock
  • Integrated SQL database
  • Notes and maintenance
  • Camera control
  • Camera recording